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“So I think that fiction, when it’s working well, gives us an opportunity not only to hear stories of wonderful people and places but also gives us a chance to be more empathetic.”

Eichen's story “Kusubiri (To Wait)” is in the spring 2022 print issue.

April 20, 2022
“When I'm writing a poem or drafting a poem, there's something I can feel internally that I'm wanting the poem to explore. Not necessarily like what is this about, but... when it doesn't work it's because I'm clearly circumnavigating the thing that I need to say.”

Williams' poem “Blue in Green” appears in the spring 2022 print edition.

April 4, 2022
“Bowing in Asian culture is about as common as a handshake used to be here, pre- COVID, but to me...I was thinking, when's the last time you saw that kind of humility, that kind of owning a mistake, in Major League baseball?”

Brady's creative nonfiction piece “Parts Unknown” appears in the spring 2022 print issue
March 31, 2022

“I just really loved this idea that I could hold these two forms of story arcs and storytelling intention and not one necessarily one trumping the other necessarily but this idea that both a traditional story arc and a non linear one could coexist and compliment each other and that was really fun for me to play with.”

“Look for Unfiltered” in the  Spring 2022 print edition.
May 10, 2022
“There was this periodic moan of anguish that would wash across the café, and I think that was the genesis of the idea of the collection.”

Topp's short story “Or Sex or Laundry” appears in the spring 2022 print edition of West Trade Review
February 22, 2022
“Everybody likes to eat, and everyone needs to eat, right? Because of that, everyone has a visceral reaction to food at some point in their life whether positive or negative, and normally that reaction is almost sublime and comes out of nowhere like when you taste something really really good for the first time. I mean it’s almost an experience that transcends most things. But that experience is fleeting too until you take the next bite or until the meal is over, so there’s a finite amount of time for that intensely pleasurable sensation. I think a poem in its compression really captures that burst of energy.” -Joshua Martin

November 25, 2021
“Coming back home from Hattiesburg Mississippi where I was in graduate school was such an adjustment...I was moving from a place where I was always in something to a place where it was more about being in me, figuring out what I was doing and what stood out to me as interesting, as changing. It gave me the chance to really consider myself and my place and what motivates me to write on a daily basis.”  

Longmire's short story “The Right Kind of Animal” is forthcoming in West Trade Review’s Winter 2021 online edition.
 October 28, 2021
“So much of the writing is the attempt to present the human experience on the page. And so if were aren’t embracing the human experience as we’re living it, then how are we honestly going to render that on the page? And I think that once I realized that and came to terms with that, my writing just got better.”

Denzer's short story “The Silence” appears in the Spring 2022 print edition
October 20, 2021
“When an idea hits or some feeling about a person or a storyline or something and I start writing, you know, lots of times it goes nowhere. Lots of times, even it’s a nonfiction piece, if I feel like I’m losing the punch, then I just stop, and there’s always something else coming.”
October 21, 2021


“When I fell in love with Reed, I fell in love with oblivion––he came to be out of nothingness so miraculously. Whenever I pressed his body into mine, I couldn’t help but remember that there had been a time when he was nothing and nowhere.”

Excerpt from Jane Campbell's piece ”At the Park on Saturday,” which appears in the fall 2021 online edition of West Trade Review. ⠀

Listen in as Campbell discusses the inspiration and influences behind her story.
August 18, 2021