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 Christopher Cook
"Growing Up"

Andrew Harrell
"About the Recent Deaths, Attacks, Mutilations and Assoicated Events"

Matt Sailor
"The Sad Ballad of Evelyn Bauer"

Caylor Ventro
"Every Mirror Around Us"


Jamie Capsolas
Wedding in Tuscany
The Stretch

Meredith Doty
Figure Study

David French
A Soul
Noda Nights
Landmark Decision

Chialla Geib
Lucanus Elephus
Nicrophorus Americanus
Labium (Red)

Copyright 2012 West Trade Reivew

Emily Banks
"Larded with Sweet Flowers
                Hamlet IV.5"

Charlotte Fryar
"Crazy Aunt Sarah"

Alisha Gard

Michael Marina
"Lyrics from the Line"

Ed O'Casey
"Elegy for Father Already Alive"
"Comparative Religion"
"Theories of Creation"

Lucas Pingel
"How the Wind Erased Your Name"

James Martin Spears
"Ditty of the Shantied Cherubs"
"Murmurs of the Eventide"
"Imaginary Dividing Lines"

Kerri Anne Williams
"Liquid Voice"

    Spring 2012
     Volume 3
"Wedding in Tuscany" by Jamie Capsolas