Marc Eichen                                                     Kusibiri (To Wait)
Jessica Denzer                                                 The Silence
Rebecca Minnich                                            The Fire
Roger Topp                                                      Or Sex Or Laundry
Nancy Ryerson                                                The Fourth Man
Elizabeth Childs                                              Unfiltered
Ea Anderson                                                     Accidental Days
Corey Mertes                                                    Tennessee
Sam Asher                                                        Make Things Quiet

Creative Nonfiction

Sanisha Branch                                               How to Describe Your Chronic Skin Disease 
Sandra Eliason                                                Rough Ride
Sarah Edmonds                                               A Disabled Girl’s Guide to Online Dating 
Les Brady                                                          Parts Unknown
Thomas Kevin O'Rourke                               Burial at Marty Mission


Jessica Hudson                                                Country of Jewels
Laura Passin                                                     For Mary Ann, Fifteen Years Too Late
Daisy Bassen                                                    Kindling
Dennis Hinrichsen                                          [Haiku with a Filing Cabinet Drawer in it and an Attempt to Fly]
Jordan Charlton                                              Confession      
VA Smith                                                           Ode to a Singular Phalaenopsis         
Margot Douaihy                                              Nightwood is Weird
Michael Schmeltzer                                        The Catch
Melissa Ginsburg                                            Before she was a mother
                                                                            we felt our libraries were mothers
Danielle Zipkin                                                This virus never pushed me towards a purpose 
Brian Lutz                                                         All Poems Are Elegies Anyway
MB Becker-Lauth                                            SURFACE TENSION
Matt Vekakis                                                    Roadkill
Aja Bailey                                                          Wisteria
Yasmina Martin                                               was your father born in France by accident? or: on the fondness of colonial memory 
James Miller                                                     The Used Cow Company
Max Heinegg                                                     Snake in the Grass
Ernest Ògúnyẹmí                                             [who knows where God]
LindaAnn LoSchaivo                                      Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte (Haibun to Our Lady of Death)
KG Newman                                                     Avoiding Gravity
Monica Mills                                                    Bert and Ernie Go to Couples Therapy
Jess Falkenhagen                                            Terra Firma
Zoe Antoine-Paul                                            When you leave me on read
Mara Lee Grayson                                           If Nothing Else, I Will Have Written You a Sestina
Zachary Kluckman                                          when you're done with your tantrum 
Simran Singh Jain                                           She looked straight through me and saw nothing but circles 
Merie Kirby                                                     Strength approaches a wild fear
Jessica Anne Robinson                                  that wet west coast summer 
Jeffrey Alfier                                                    Feminization: A Prologue
Luke Johnson                                                   The Undoing
                                                                            The Boys of Cass & Pacific
Jamilla D. VanDyke-Bailey                           five and thirty one
John Sibley Williams                                     Exorcismus
John M. Davis                                                 tonight
Lisa Taylor                                                       Yearnings, Covid Times
Kara Knickerbocker                                       A Study on Descending
                                                                            Calling the Thaw
Mark Seidl                                                        The Plant He Remembered to Water
CM Clark                                                           Next to Last Chance Saloon
Eric Fisher Stone                                            The Making
                                                                            Elegy to the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
D. Pless                                                              I always had a thing for the butch ones
Dare Williams                                                  Blue in Green
Suzanne Swanson                                           Traveling west to look for migrating geese, making a stop at Fairview cemetary
Bruce Robinson                                               Lament for the Makers (Remembering Bill Withers)
Brandon Kilbourne                                         Moqueca Chronicle
Benjamin Nash                                                Pie
Brian Muriel                                                    These Hands

Art and Interviews

Segun Aiyesan                                                  Confessions, Bearer of Tales 
Segun Aiyesan                                                  Clarity (Protagonist Series)
Segun Aiyesan                                                  Man of Steel Contagion
Kelechi Nwaneri                                              Tourist by Lake
Kelechi Nwaneri                                              Flooded Apartment 5
Tonia Nneji                                                      While We Wait
T0nia Nneji                                                       Prayers in Orange
Tonia Nneji                                                       In Silence
Interview with Kelechi Nwaneri, Tonia Nneji, and Segun Aiyesan
Interview with Luke Johnson


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