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"While still full of examples of denial, plenty of anger, bargaining, all-encompassing depression, and acceptance, it is the liminal spaces between Emezi’s razor-sharp wit and scorching honesty that cut deepest."
by Tara Friedman
May 25, 2022
"The Things We Don’t Talk About is ultimately a reminder that everyone struggles with communication from time to time, and no family is without complications. By presenting characters that struggle so acutely with sharing their thoughts with one another, Feltman reminds readers that no matter how painful or difficult some things are to discuss, they must be tackled, and that cannot be done."
by Lauren Clairmont
May 24, 2022
"Michael Wasson’s new poetry collection Swallowed Light is an elegy for a lost language. Wasson is Nimíipu from the Nez Perce Reservation in Lenore, Idaho, and this collection traces the author’s longing to reclaim the language of his people through sparse, lyrical verse."
by Nancy Woo
May 23, 2022
"Limón’s whole work is a testament to the conjoined nature of these dualities. In doing so, she strikes a balance that could be difficult to achieve: allowing each of those emotional spaces room to be stated without smothering the other. She recounts suffering as earnestly as delight without overdramatization and offers examples of love and beauty without sugarcoating." ."
by Clarie Jussel
May 10, 2022
""​Forty-four years in its process, Migrations is at once poetry, myth, and epic. The lifework of Mexican poet Gloria Gervitz, who is of Ukrainian Jewish heritage, Migrations asks questions, makes allusions, and calls out into the void. Erotic, spiritual, and conversational all at once, Gervitz manages to seek out the core of what are our most essential quandaries."
by Joanna Acevedo
May 2, 2022
"Laura is a compelling, capable narrator, and Phillips’ willingness to play with linearity and narrative is both wise given her abilities and refreshing given the stark conventionality of current literature."

by D.W. White
April 19, 2022
"While at first, Heartbroke may hit the mind like a broken record—revisiting familiar tragedies through different characters who all occupy the same small patch of Earth—it is actually a study in the ways that small differences in nature and nurture can affect the way we view our place in this world."
by Gianni Washington
April 8, 2022
"Readers of My Volcano may grapple with the erratic, compelling, and transcendent prospect of our present and our future, but they’ll find it worth the extraordinary adventure."
by Samantha Fitch
April 6, 2022
"Burning Butch could come with a slew of trigger warnings––abuse, homophobia, suicide––and yet the lens Mertz brings to their story is, in the end, hopeful. The memoir focuses on Mertz’s childhood and college years, flashing forward to their future when it applies to the narrative present."
by Melanie Pierce
April 5, 2022
"Kazbeck’s writing is deeply emotional in ways that are loving, witty, and often heartbreaking. Through disillusionment and self-discovery, Kazbek masterfully uses the perspective of a child to illustrate how the socially constructed, binary lines of gender are often blurred."
by Corrine Watson
March 8, 2022