​Annie Bashaw                                   Surfacing
Julia Rose Greider                           Girls’ Night Out
Mia Uys                                              Waiting Room 
S Sam McClure                                 Carcharodon
Michael Nath                                     from Talbot & The Fall: A Comedy (With Support), Chapter 4, ‘Charlie Talbot’
Eugene Radice                                  Veracruz
Storm Ainsely                                   Revolving Doorman
Shannon Savvas                               Nave Nave Moe

​John Michael Trent                        Love Letter
Elinor Ann Walker                          Haunted by Sistema Sac Actun
Adesiyan Oluwapelumi                  psalmist with rosewater
Claire Scott                                               I keep learning new ways to light a match
Beth Gordon                                            Crone: Raising the Dead
Court Ludwick                                 Small Talk
Loisa Fenichell                                At the bar, C calls me lonely, like actually 
Hannah Bonner                                      The Ascetic
Joshua Nguyen                                Outside The Gym is Another Gym [A Counterpublic In Public]
Mihir Bellamkonda                        The Horse
Em Townsend                                 poem (i know queer joy is real because i exist)
Sheila Black                                     It’s a list of what I cannot touch
Anna Weaver                                   paradise
Rana Tahir                                       The Mermaid on Returning to the Sea
A.E. Wynter                                     Object Permanence
Seun Fakoyede                                       To escape bad memory
Mickie Kennedy                                     A Styrofoam Cup Filled with Peels 
jason b. crawford                           Untitled 1975–86
Melissa Strilecki                                      How to Start a Fire with Sticks
Shilo Niziolek                                 Triptych for the Tender-Footed
Zedekiah Gonsalves Schild                  From the Bones of California
taylor nicole s.                                 [if church be the horizon]
Therese Gleason                             Mums
Cathlin Noonan                              Do You Have to Pee Before We Go? 
Mixby Dickon                                         Dear Cis Readers: I wrote a love song to my body
Nathanael O’Reilly                                Guillotine
Tamara Panici                                        IT FELL FROM A TREE
Hilary R. MezaGuerra                          fall fruit
Luke Johnson                                 Divining 
Natalie Rice                                             LARCH GATE
Nik Moore                                        Synonyms for Return
Marlanda Dekine                            field notes
Richard Blanco                                The Splintering
                                                             between [another door]
                                                             Complaint of El Río Grande

Creative Nonfiction, Art, & Interviews

Sarah Harley                                            The Wings
Athena Dixon                                          Get in Shape, Girl
Lisa Knopp                                               Threads
Elizabeth Gonzalez James                    No, the truth isn’t out there
Stuart Lane Osborne                              Unfinished
Dotun Jide                                                       The Nigerian Stare
Patrick Dougher                                      I & I HERE COME THE HOT STEPPER
                                                                    EARTH ANGEL I
                                                                    THE CORNER CROSSROADS
                                                                    FINAL CALL
                                                                    DERELICT SERENADE
                                                                    TIERRA AZUL
                                                                    BAHIA DREAM
                                                                    WE ARE FUNDING OUR OWN OPPRESSION

Interview with artist Patrick Dougher
Interview with author Michael Nath
Interview with author Athena Dixon
Interview with poet Richard Blanco

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Cover Image:  I Am II by Patrick Dougher