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"Chronology of the Closet"
"I took a vow of abstinence then took a
wife who didn't want sex."
Written and Read by Mickie Kennedy
Edited by Sarah Edmonds
July 18, 2023
"Bailando Soul"
"long ago when we were one rhythm, one note
never lost in translation, always found in song"

Written and Read by Tamara J. Madison
Edited by Sarah Edmonds
June 2, 2023
"Mama Snake Love Sound on Vinyl"
"Tell me

in occipital whispers
what you’ll do if 
I come closer"
Written and Read by Lauren Endicott
Edited by Sarah Edmonds
February 14, 2023
"Hands Down "
"I’s walk the good ol’ ye faithful, the old glory up the aisle. 
Carry the cross for fourteen stations. See a Simon. 
Catch a Lyft at five. What stands divided suffocates blue, 
the weight of a taser is not the weight of a gun."
Written and Read by Thea Matthews
Edited by Sarah Edmonds
December 14, 2022
"In Jhelum"
"The weather forecast reads smoke.
I can no longer breathe.
There are ants climbing panicum,
and I am dealing a bruised hand,
gambling with life"
Written and Read by Fatima Shahid
Edited by Sarah Edmonds
June 30, 2022
"Universe Be Like"

I can see your ruby glow in my backyard while he holds my unsteady hands. He says he loves me again. It’s going to be better this time, I think. We’re going to make a baby, 

baby he says."
Written and Read by Mae Ellen-Marie Wissert
Edited by Sarah Edmonds
September 11, 2022